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Series editors:

John Peckham and R.T. Mullins

About the New Series

Studies in the Doctrine of God: Exploring Classical and Relational Theism is a series of books that explore the nature and attributes of God in the context of current debates over classical theism and relational models of God. This series includes volumes that advance the discussion of the doctrine of God, with particular focus on advancing the discussion of conceptions of God that affirm the Creator-creature distinction while also affirming that God is freely and genuinely related to the world in a way that makes a difference to God. Such conceptions of God are sometimes referred to as modified or moderate classical theism or neoclassical theism. These conceptions of God are classical in that they affirm some core tenets of classical theism (divine perfection, necessity, aseity, self-sufficiency, unity, eternity, immutability, omnipotence, omniscience with foreknowledge, and omnipresence). At the same time, such conceptions are also relational in that they affirm God is genuinely related to the world and depart from one or more attributes of (strict) classical theism such as divine timelessness, strict simplicity, strict immutability, and/or strict impassibility. Each volume in this series will address some aspect or aspects of the nature and attributes of God and the God-world relation in a way that advances the discussion of approaches that are both classical and relational in these respects.

If you have a book idea for the series, contact us and submit your book proposal.


Editorial Board for the Series

Roger Olson, Anastasia Scrutton, Scott Harrower, Jeanine Diller, Paul Copan, Jordan Wessling, Andrew Loke, Daniel Castelo, William Hasker, Veli-Matti Karkkainen, Kevin Kinghorn, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and David Baggett.


Forthcoming Books in the Series

  • Chad McIntosh, ed., The Trinity: 4 Views. Contributors: William Lane Craig, William Hasker, Dale Tuggy, and Beau Branson (forthcoming).

  • ​R.T. Mullins, A Little Book About a Big God (forthcoming). 

  • Eric Yang, Unity in Trinity and Trinity in Unity: A Biblical, Historical, and Philosophical Inquiry (forthcoming).

  • J.D. Kim, Constructing a Mediating Theology: Affirming the Impassibility and the Passibility of the Triune God (forthcoming). 


  • Andrew Hollingsworth and R.T. Mullins, eds., The Incarnation: Four Views. Contributors: Joseph Jedwab, C. Stephen Evans, Andrew Ter Ern Loke, Timothy J. Pawl (forthcoming). 


  • Kimberley Kroll, Discernment and the Holy Spirit: The Nature and Effects of the Indwelling Relation on Human Decision-Making (forthcoming).

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