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Divine Simplicity Q&A w/ William Lane Craig + Ryan Mullins
Capturing Christianity

Divine Simplicity Q&A w/ William Lane Craig + Ryan Mullins

In this livestream, you'll get the opportunity to ask Dr. William Lane Craig and/or Dr. Ryan Mullins ANYTHING about the doctrine of Divine Simplicity! Got an objection? Ask them live! Btw, here's a good popular-level resource on Divine Simplicity: -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Patreon (monthly giving): Become a CC Member on YouTube: One-time Donations: Special thanks to all of my supporters for your continued support as I transition into full-time ministry with Capturing Christianity! You guys and gals have no idea how much you mean to me. ---------------------------------- LINKS ---------------------------------- Website: Free Christian Apologetics Resources: The Ultimate List of Apologetics Terms for Beginners (with explanations): ---------------------------------- SOCIAL ---------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: --------------------------------- MY GEAR ---------------------------------- I get a lot of questions about what gear I use, so here's a list of everything I have for streaming and recording. The links below are affiliate (thank you for clicking on them!). Camera (Nikon Z6): Lens (Nikon 35mm f/1.4G): HDMI Adapter (Cam Link 4K): Microphone (Shure SM7B): Audio Interface (midiplus Studio 2): Lights (Neewer 660's with softboxes): Color Back Lighting (Hue Smart Lights): --------------------------------- CONTACT --------------------------------- Email: #DivineSimplicity #CapturingChristianity
God and Time: Timelessness, Creation, and How to Make Sense of God and Time (w/ Dr. Ryan Mullins)
Adherent Apologetics

God and Time: Timelessness, Creation, and How to Make Sense of God and Time (w/ Dr. Ryan Mullins)

Dr. Ryan Mullins of the Reluctant Theologian Podcast joins the show. We discuss the nature of time, divine timelessness, whether or not God created time, and much more! Ryan's Website: -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Please consider becoming a Patron! Patreon (Thanks!): YouTube Membership: PayPal (Thanks!): My Top Books (Affiliate Links): --------------------- YOUTH APOLOGETICS EMPIRE ------------------- Apologetics for All: Bram Rawlings: Christian Idealism: Faith Because of Reason: Invoking Theism: Mathematical Apologist: Think Christian Theism (Blog): Wolves Do Apologetics: ----------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA --------------------------- Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Apologist March Madness: -------------------------------- PODCAST ------------------------------- I now have a podcast! Be sure to give it a follow and to stay up to date on all of my content. The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Apple Podcasts: The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Spotify: The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Google Play: -------------------------------- CONTACT ------------------------------- If you have interview suggestions, want to say hello, or anything else, you can contact me at -------------------------------- PLAYLISTS ------------------------------- Lectures on Cosmological Arguments: All Interviews: list=PLj8S949x_pmQjr5wiIEtUUcwf8CXztK5z My Debates: Debates We’ve Hosted: Response Videos: Shows I’ve Been On: Big Questions in EVERY Book of the Bible: Q&A’s: Panentheism Lecture Series: Exploring Different Views on Old Testament Violence:
Huge Announcement  + God, Time, and Creation | w/Dr. Ryan Mullins - Bonus Episode
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