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Divine Simplicity Q&A w/ William Lane Craig + Ryan Mullins
Capturing Christianity

Divine Simplicity Q&A w/ William Lane Craig + Ryan Mullins

In this livestream, you'll get the opportunity to ask Dr. William Lane Craig and/or Dr. Ryan Mullins ANYTHING about the doctrine of Divine Simplicity! Got an objection? Ask them live! Btw, here's a good popular-level resource on Divine Simplicity: -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Patreon (monthly giving): Become a CC Member on YouTube: One-time Donations: Special thanks to all of my supporters for your continued support as I transition into full-time ministry with Capturing Christianity! You guys and gals have no idea how much you mean to me. ---------------------------------- LINKS ---------------------------------- Website: Free Christian Apologetics Resources: The Ultimate List of Apologetics Terms for Beginners (with explanations): ---------------------------------- SOCIAL ---------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: --------------------------------- MY GEAR ---------------------------------- I get a lot of questions about what gear I use, so here's a list of everything I have for streaming and recording. The links below are affiliate (thank you for clicking on them!). Camera (Nikon Z6): Lens (Nikon 35mm f/1.4G): HDMI Adapter (Cam Link 4K): Microphone (Shure SM7B): Audio Interface (midiplus Studio 2): Lights (Neewer 660's with softboxes): Color Back Lighting (Hue Smart Lights): --------------------------------- CONTACT --------------------------------- Email: #DivineSimplicity #CapturingChristianity
Timelessness, Creation, and Making Sense of God and Time (w/ Dr. Ryan Mullins) (Ep. #199)
Adherent Apologetics

Timelessness, Creation, and Making Sense of God and Time (w/ Dr. Ryan Mullins) (Ep. #199)

Dr. Ryan Mullins of the Reluctant Theologian Podcast joins the show. We discuss the nature of time, divine timelessness, whether or not God created time, and much more! Ryan's Website: -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Please consider becoming a Patron! Patreon (Thanks!): YouTube Membership: PayPal (Thanks!): My Top Books (Affiliate Links): --------------------- YOUTH APOLOGETICS EMPIRE ------------------- Apologetics for All: Bram Rawlings: Christian Idealism: Faith Because of Reason: Invoking Theism: Mathematical Apologist: Think Christian Theism (Blog): Wolves Do Apologetics: ----------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA --------------------------- Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Apologist March Madness: -------------------------------- PODCAST ------------------------------- I now have a podcast! Be sure to give it a follow and to stay up to date on all of my content. The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Apple Podcasts: The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Spotify: The Adherent Apologetics Podcast on Google Play: -------------------------------- CONTACT ------------------------------- If you have interview suggestions, want to say hello, or anything else, you can contact me at -------------------------------- PLAYLISTS ------------------------------- Lectures on Cosmological Arguments: All Interviews: list=PLj8S949x_pmQjr5wiIEtUUcwf8CXztK5z My Debates: Debates We’ve Hosted: Response Videos: Shows I’ve Been On: Big Questions in EVERY Book of the Bible: Q&A’s: Panentheism Lecture Series: Exploring Different Views on Old Testament Violence:
Huge Announcement  + God, Time, and Creation | w/Dr. Ryan Mullins - Bonus Episode
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