From Divine Timemaker to Divine Watchmaker.

My follow up book on divine temporality, creation, and the Trinity. The current working title for this book is From Divine Timemaker to Divine Watchmaker.


The End of the Timeless God

(Oxford Studies In Analytic Theology) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

The claim that God is timeless has been the majority view throughout church history. However, it is not obvious that divine timelessness is compatible with fundamental Christian doctrines such as creation and incarnation. Theologians have long been aware of the conflict between divine timelessness and Christian doctrine, and various solutions to these conflicts have been developed. In contemporary thought, it is widely agreed that new theories on the nature of time can further help solve these conflicts. Do these solutions actually solve the conflict? Can the Christian God be timeless? The End of the Timeless God sets forth a thorough investigation into the Christian understanding of God and the God-world relationship. It argues that the Christian God cannot be timeless.

God and Emotions

Cambridge University Press. It is due to for publication in 2020.

The book shall examine the emotional life of God with a special focus on love, empathy, and moral judgments. This book focuses on the debate over divine impassibility, and the relationship between emotions and morality. It examines the cognitive nature of emotions in identifying value, and the role emotions play in motivating moral actions. It offers a critical engagement with biblical scholarship on the nature of divine suffering, the book of Hosea, divine love, and divine wrath. It also engages with contemporary psychological research on the nature of empathy.


Christian Physicalism?

I have two papers in this volume on philosophical and theological anthropology. The first, "Physicalism, Divine Eternality, and Life Everlasting," is co-authored with R. Keith Loftin. It focuses on issues related to personal identity over time and life after death. The second, "Physicalist Christology and the Two Sons Worry," argues that physicalism cannot avoid the threat of Nestorianism. 

Being Saved.jpg

Being Saved: Explorations in Human Salvation

In this collection of essays, one will find my paper, "Identity Through Time and Personal Salvation." 


The Christian Doctrine of Humanity

In this collection of essays, one will find a paper that I co-authored with Joanna Leidenhag called, "Flourishing in the Spirit: Distinguishing Incarnation and Indwelling for Theological Anthropology."

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