There is a Christian doctrine that most theologians affirmed up until the 19thCentury. Recent proponents of this doctrine claim that if you deny this doctrine you are an idolater, or even an atheist. Some theologians make it sound as if Christianity lives or dies with this doctrine. What doctrine is this that elicits such strong rhetoric? Perhaps you think the answer has something to do with Jesus Christ, or a major biblical teaching. Surprisingly, the answer has nothing to do with either. The answer that I am referring to is the doctrine of divine simplicity.  

The Doctrine of Divine Simplicity
Theopolis Conversation
POSTED July 18, 2019
Can God change?
Can God change?
Logos Institute booklet,
St Andrews University, 2019 
The emotional life of the eternal God
As Presented at the workshop "Personal and A-Personal
Conceptions of God"
(Innsbruck, Austria) 2018
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